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3 Successful Games of EA Montreal

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EA Montreal is a high time video game development centre in the sole patronage of Electronic Arts, an American video game company with headquarters in California.

It is one of the very few examples where Electronic Arts created a new studio anywhere instead of acquiring one.

The studio is in Canada, has its ups and downs but its work has been out in the public since March 17th 2004.

Many of its video games on Pcs, Xbox, play stations, Mobile phones and tablets have sold worldwide and you can check their reviews online before buying or playing them.

Numerous sites give reviews on a vast number of these applications just to enhance consumer satisfaction.

Such Review websites include which gives reviews on game sites and applications such as Eneba

Today the focal and centre of attention is on EA Montreal’s video games that have proved to be the greatest of all times.

It is an overview of the EA Montreal success story in the industry. The games in this writing have been ranked in order of how they were received by the masses. Let’s have a look;

1.  Army of Two

This was first released on 4th March 2008. It is a shooter game that heavily relies on cooperation between you and your partner. You can play either Elliot Salem or Tyson Rios who are the literal army of two.

The player and his partner are mercenary or high tech gallowglass who go on missions to pull ‘bank’ which just means they go get themselves some cash. The game is based on a very simple storyline.

The most intriguing factor of the game is the idea of ‘aggro’ which means that when you shoot a lot the enemy becomes more focused on you.

When that happens, your partner can take that vantage to sneak behind the enemy and take them out.

The game can be played in single-player mode with a computer-controlled Al bot but that will not give you the best of a virtual experience. The multiplayer mode is the real deal.

You definitely will have lots of fun with a real player as you can work on your chemistry and teamwork.

With another player you can physically tell the person to grab some ‘aggro’, take you back and heal you or generally just say what you think is the best move.

Another perk of such an arrangement is the fact that you can each decide which armour you prefer, specialize on it and smoke the enemy out.

The graphics, sound and downloadable content (DLC) of this game are all fantastic.

2.  Army of Two: The 40th Day

This is a sequel of the original army of two of 2008 and was released on January 12th 2010. It still has the two members of the army, Salem and Rios, who are hungry for a blood birth.

The beginning of the game is both intriguing and chaotic, something new from the previous 2008 version.

The storyline is a bit different though still simple. The controls on the other hand are pretty much the same. Graphically the developers made a huge step forward as everything became brighter and crisper.

There are also new features to the game such as change of scenery e.g a fight in the zoo during chapter 3.

There is also a twist to the storyline which requires a ‘morality’ choice with consequences in each chapter.

Mock surrendering and taking of hostages are other nice additions that make the game even livelier.

Co-op snipping is also more automatic and one can customize weapons anytime during the game.

EA Montreal made improvements on a plethora of aspects and this paid off maybe a little too well.

3.  Boogie

This is one of the original franchises that EA Montreal is famous for.

It is a very simple music video game developed for Wii, Nintendo Ds and PlayStation 2. It requires players to create a character then use the Wii remote and microphone to sing and dance through it.

Boogie is a dancing and karaoke game with a great selection of music appealing to players of all ages.

Gamers sing along to their favourite tunes, dance to the latest hits, catch their best dance moves, record their own voices and make music videos. This is a party game.

This boogie game was followed by a sequel Boogie superstar 2008. The game was rated 3+ by PEGI Europe which is pretty impressive.

Those are EA Montreal’s best video games of all time. What’s your thought?