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5 Key Tech Tips for New Entrepreneurs

Modern Technology

The modern business world is dominated by technology. In different niches, entrepreneurs can use different tech tools to enhance their operations.

When you’re preparing to become a business owner, you’ll have a lot of options at your disposal.

Since technology is changing at a fast pace, it’s not always easy to choose the right tech suite for your needs.

That’s why we’ve prepared a list of practical tips that will help new SMB owners to get the most of technology in their managerial activities.

1.Prevent data theft

Data theft is an equal threat for both large companies and smaller ventures. As reported by Verizon, about 28% of data breaches in 2020 included small businesses. This information is a valuable starting point for every new entrepreneur.

You can bring a set of measures beforehand to reduce the risk of unauthorized penetrations into your business security system, as presented below:

  • A strict password policy. Teach your employees how to use passwords securely and prevent access issues on time. Go with passphrases, rather than ordinary passwords.
  • File transfer encryption. If uploading important business files on the cloud, choose a reliable cloud provider to ensure secure and encrypted file transfer and maintenance.
  • Restricted access. Define who can access what sections of your business system to block potential intruders from using your confidential data.

2.Analyze pricing and shopping integration

The largest number of new enterprises sell either products or services. In line with that, it’s important to analyze your competitors to see how they form their prices.

If you overprice your products, you won’t sell enough items to keep your business rolling.

On the other hand, if you go with low prices, you’ll sell a lot of products, but the income might not cover all your business costs.

Therefore, use some practical tools for tracking competitors’ moves and prices. That way, you’ll keep receiving adequate inputs on their marketing and sale strategy.

Likewise, when you’re adding shopping options to your business website, it’s important to install adequate plugins for your needs. For instance, there are some ecommerce WordPress plugins that can help you create proper offers and ensure numerous sales. The key benefit for entrepreneurs here is the fact that they can install such solutions on their own and start selling their products and services.

3.Deploy collaboration and communication tools

Technology has proved to be inevitable during 2020 and the coronavirus crisis. In the period when millions of workers around the world had to work from home, communication and collaborations tools enabled managers and business owners to maintain their business operations.

New entrepreneurs should follow suit and add as many useful solutions as possible to their roster of tools.

For starters, you need several communication tools. Use Skype, Microsoft, Teams, Slack, and other similar solutions should help you and your employees communicate about your tasks without any friction.

Additional two cents: new communication tools keep appearing on the horizon to catch up with their competition. While there are useful tools in that crew, stick to common communication solutions, at least at the beginning.

Moreover, you’ll need to decide what collaboration tools your business will use. Some entrepreneurs subscribe to several tools to see which ones are the best choice for them. It would be better to test them during trial periods to avoid spending more money than necessary. Once you see what collaboration tools meet your needs, start paying them for your entire business.

4.Automate customer support

Tech solutions have brought innovations to customer support. As reported by Oberlo, 84% of customers said that their decision whether to buy from a company depended on their experience with the customer support team.

In line with that, you want all your customers to be happy with your services from day one.

For starters, invest in chatbots. While these are the basic options of currently available AI services, they can make a difference between a responsive and slow customer support service.

Train your call agents, as well. Prepare a script that they’ll follow when your customers call. Give them several possible scenarios, such as a complaint script, a return policy, and other sets of answers they could receive from callers.

Also, automate your email service, as well. Take the most common customers’ questions from your database and use them as input materials for automated email messages.

Apart from customer support, you could send automated email messages to customers passing a certain threshold in terms of purchases or services they’re using. For instance, automatically sending special offers to all customers who spend more than $1000 in one week would be a great reward for such users.

Sending birthday cards via automated email messages is another example of a practical automated email service.

5.Monitoring the website performance

A business website is the crossroads of different strategies, users, and business intentions.

As such, it demands constant and effective monitoring.

In that light, you can use tech options to help you track various parameters that will tell you how your audience reacts to your content.

As suggested by the experts from a web design company in Houston, business owners should track different website sections to check out how visitors respond to various materials. Using heat maps will help you identify where they click most and what parts don’t draw their attention.

Moreover, you need to detect what blog posts attract readers and which ones are less popular. Either improve them or remove them and put together interesting and interactive content that will generate more traffic.

Finally, follow how your website is ranked on Google. If it doesn’t take the place you’ve planned, work with SEO specialists to help you detect the niche-specific keywords that you need to use to improve your rankings.

Today, business owners have a powerful squad of tech features by their side. Still, if you don’t have enough experience with such tools, you might waste too much time searching for the best combination. To cut a long story short, first focus on tech solutions for proper data security and check out how to beat your competitors with adequate prices and offers. Also, get the right communication and collaboration tools to ensure smooth workflow.

Moreover, automate customer support as much as possible,

Finally, constantly monitor your website to keep changing it until you come up with the right version that will attract enough traffic for proper conversion rates.