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An All-Inclusive Guide on Social Media Analysis


An All-Inclusive Guide on Social Media Analysis.

In recent years social media has become a key platform where public opinions are aired out. It’s now hard to imagine everyday life without social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. In addition, more social media platforms are emerging by the day and are taking the world by storm. A good example is TikTok. Through social media, people as well as businesses have been able to reap many advantages such as marketing and advertising. As social media advances so do the desire to market through social media platforms.

Such advantages are only effective after one has conducted social media analysis. Social media analysis is the process of collecting the most valuable data from your social media channels and drawing actionable conclusions. There are several steps included in social media analysis and they include the following.

1) A carefully developed plan.

A good social media campaign starts with a carefully developed plan. This plan should be specific and should not in any way contradict with your goals. The plan should also be a good continuation of your brand’s existing social voice.

2) Coming up with social media goals.

Setting of goals gives a clear direction of where the company is headed. Setting objectives and clearly identifying what you would like to accomplish by the use of social media is very crucial. Some clear objectives or goals can include increasing sales, diversifying and providing customer support.

3) Defining a target Market.

Includes analyzing customer base. Analyze their ages, beliefs and interests. Also look into how many customers use the social media platforms.

4) Analyze competitors.

Determine whether they have social media presence or not. If so, analyze things such as how often do they post their content? Which content do they use? How are they using each platform?

5) Outline the company’s available resources.

This includes identifying how many hours can be spared into working with the social media platforms and allocating such responsibilities to key persons that can be able to run them. This helps in determining the need for investments into the social media analysis.

6) Social Media Audit.

This helps you to know how effective your social media platform is. Create a social media analysis spreadsheet that will help you in conducting an efficient social media audit.

7) Critique your website.

Determine whether your website is optimized for social media and whether it offers ways for visitors to interact and share as well as collaborate with you. Look at things such as how much traffic are you getting? What are the usual landing pages?

8) Cross-Channel Promotion.

A social media campaign needs help from other marketing channel to achieve the desired results. The best social media campaigns are part of an integrated marketing campaign where your efforts on social media are supported on a number of other channels.

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