Best Integrations for Enterprise Businesses


If you run an enterprise business, the chances are high that you could use some more streamlining in your workflow. After all, with so many departments and facets to your business (not to mention the different markets you serve!), there is plenty of need to ensure that everything is running as smoothly as possible. This is where picking the right technology can play a big role in your team’s overall success. Not only will the right software or tools make your team more productive, but it may also wind up opening new doors to different kinds of revenue streams thanks to the possibilities it offers.

Whether you’re looking for a solution to make your sales team more effective at pricing and quoting orders for clients or a platform to boost your customer service, there are dozens of different ways you can leverage technology to improve your enterprise. Read on for a few different integrations to consider that can really take your business to the next level.

If you sell complex products, you will benefit from CPQ software.

One software solution that can really improve the customer experience, as well as the morale of your sales team, is CPQ software. CPQ stands for “configure, price, and quote,” and makes it easier than ever for sales reps or customers working through your sales process to customize their orders. For example, a CPQ solution can be ideal in businesses that sell highly configurable or customizable products. Whether you’re trying to help a customer understand how a different color or finish will impact the price quote for their furniture purchase or have sales reps helping manage large orders for clients interested in buying customized desktop computers, CPQ software can make it easier than ever to handle this work. The right CPQ solution can even integrate with existing aspects of the service cloud your enterprise runs on, such as Netsuite or Salesforce, making CPQ software even more useful for large businesses that count on integration in order to thrive.

Boost your customer retention with the right contact center software.

You’ve probably heard before that it’s less expensive to keep an existing customer than it is to attract a new one. That can be even more important in 2021, because of the role that e-commerce plays in many companies meeting their bottom line or not. Contact center software is a major tool in ensuring that your customers’ needs are met, because contact center solutions offer real-time information about the consumer on the other end of the communication that can help your live agents better serve them. Just like different CPQ software options you might be considering, the right contact center software allows you to offer a dynamic customer experience while also integrating with platforms like Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics. With a Salesforce contact center platform, your agents will know whether a caller or someone speaking with your company via live chat is a VIP, received the latest marketing blast, and so much more. This allows your service agents to go beyond customer expectations and best practices to give a truly exceptional customer experience.

While the above tools certainly aren’t the be-all-end-all of technological solutions your enterprise might be, they do offer powerful ways to revolutionize the way you’re doing business. Especially if you’ve been looking for ways to offer your customers a better experience or improve the order process while meeting customer needs, CPQ solutions and call center software have a valuable role to play in your workflow. Particularly when you consider how they can integrate with various Salesforce products and platforms from other vendors, their value gets even more useful.