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Dedicated hosting VS VPS hosting – Which is best for your site?


Creating a WordPress website there are many decisions you will have to make for your site. In addition to development and design, you also need to consider which hosting will host your site. Without serious consideration, you can choose the option which can also negatively impact your site speed and performance. Dedicated hosting is one of the best options for high traffic web sites and this type of hosting have other benefits also.


Advantages of dedicated hosting are:

Total utilization of server resources: a dedicated servers hosting solution, no shared servers involved, which means no adverse neighbor effect. Processing power, memory, and disk space all the servers you can commit to your website.

·         Advanced technical support:

Dedicated hosting allows you to take advantage of the technical support team if you face any problem. A dedicated server will help you efficiently resolve technical issues. These trained professionals assist in providing the necessary information and advice to the problem site problems, server settings, and fixing other problems.

Disadvantages of dedicated hosting are:

·         High costs:

It is no wonder that more resources and control are at a higher price. a special server price is between $ to $ 350 + per month, depending on how maintenance and security provided by the hosting provider. These sites are getting the right amount of traffic on the type of hosting is suitable for your website.

·         Technical Knowledge Requirement:

The limitation of a dedicated hosting solution is that it requires a high level of technical knowledge, especially if you take advantage of personalization. If technology is not your specialty, you can rent a server administrator, or purchase a plan that includes management support.

·         More difficult maintenance:

Much of server maintenance is left to you; it is introducing a new burden. You are responsible for updating and installing patches to your dedicated server, which can affect your other responsibilities.

Introduction to VPS hosting

VPS means the virtual private server, works with multiple site housing on separate virtual machines. A physical server holds many sites, and each section has a limit with the resources allocated by the server.

The Given resources are evenly distributed among fewer users; VPS hosting offers higher processing power, disk space, and memory than shared hosting. VPS hosting is much more affordable than dedicated hosting, as more users have to contribute to the cost of a single server.

Advantages of VPS hosting:

  • Control: In VPS hosting, by this hosting, you have much more control over your virtual private server.
  • Technical Support: In VPS hosting, you will have 24 X 7 customers support best; in any case, something goes wrong with the server, you cannot expect in shared hosting.
  • Reliability: If one of the sites on the server exceeded its resource utilization, web sites that may be slowing down, while your website is not affected. This means a harmful neighbor effect is eliminated.
  • Scalability: As your business grows, your server can grow with you. Most plans allow users to start with the minimum amount of resources in the virtual environment. But as your business grows, you can gradually increase your hosting plan to meet needs such as memory upgrades, bandwidth, and more. Why pay for excessive resources of your company does not have or has not yet become.
  • Cost: Compared to a dedicated hosting plan that uses a physical server, a VPS hosting account much more profitable.

Disadvantages of VPS hosting:

  • Restricted Assets: In VPS hosting, you cannot even get a bit of capacity and facilities such as hosting centers. You appointed the independent and resource bundles, but in any case, you will probably be delivered to different people in reasonably large servers.
  • Needs understanding: You may want additional commitment in setting up the software, patch software program, maintaining servers, security discomfort, and so that you do not need in the shared internet hosting. That is the reason for the handle and keeps your VPS server should acquire some specific data.
  • Cost: For most companies are significant drawbacks to using the VPS hosting package is that it is usually much more expensive than shared hosting counterparts. Many website hosting companies are more popular offers VPS hosting to cost between $ 50- $ 80 per month-based server set up and configuration. Compared with $ 5- $ 15 per month charge for the shared hosting package is much more expensive.

Which hosting plan is right and best for your business?

Choosing the right web hosting plan can save you a lot of time and money. If you do not need colossal bandwidth, memory, processing power, or control, then save your money by going with shared hosting. However, if your site requires a lot of server resources and your team can effectively manage a specialized hosting facility, go with dedicated web hosting. If your site is in between, then you can go with VPS hosting.