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Electron Diffraction Lab Features of Coil Winding Machines Form Electron Diffraction Lab

Modern Technology

A distribution transformer plays very crucial roles in distribution of electricity to buildings and houses. The transformers will become the unit to manage and also distribute the electricity to smaller and more specific units, until it reaches the location of houses and other buildings. These need good composition of material, since it will have to deal with heavy burden and heat coming from the electricity. When it is not durable enough, it will cause big trouble, and even explosion can happen anytime.

In this case, a company develops many technologies, especially coil winding machine. These machines will play important roles on the function of distribution transformers, since coils are like the core that will need the insulation. The coils will play important function in managing and later distributing the electricity to houses. From the company, there are some coil winding machines with some different benefits.

High Voltage Automatic Coil Winding Machines

As its name, this machine is dedicated for winding the coil, and it is designed for the high voltage distribution transformers. The machine will be able to work well in providing function of making the insulation layer. What is interesting about the machine is that it is supported by advanced strip insulation technology. By using the technology, it is easier to create conical insulation layer. Then, it has software as the main access to manage and operate the machine.

Low Voltage Coil Winding Machines

The company does not only work on the coil winding for the high voltage transformer. On the smaller units, the low voltage transformers are needed, and the coils can be created by the machine. This has good feature of the conductor foil decoiler. This is useful to maintain the foil tension during the coiling process. It is also supported by automatic guiding system, so it is much easier to operate, and it is also useful to maintain the accuracy and wielding quality.