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How to improve your internet speed


Having poor internet speed can be frustrating, especially if you are about to start work or in the middle of one. You need to know beforehand the strategies you can use to combat a poor internet connection. Here are some of the strategies:

Use the right equipment

The quality of equipment you use including router, wireless devices, and telecommunication companies can significantly determine your internet speed. Hence, it is important to get those right and buy high quality equipment as it will go a long way to make sure every other ways you attempt provide you the best results that you can get. You should read a list of telecom companies reviews on uk.collected.revews to know the best telecom companies available in your area of resident or the areas you would be using the Internet service. This is considering you might want to use it at home, your office and few other places you visit regularly.

Position your router well and away from electronic devices

The best place for your router to be is in the centre of your home or on a table and not on the floor. Putting it in the oven can help to point the antennae straight upwards, thereby offering a better connection. Limit the number of walls the signal has to go through before it reaches you. The centre of the house has no black spots. Also, take it away from your electronic devices such as your television, speakers, telephone, monitors, etc. This obstructs the signal.

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Put it away from a wireless device or an empty beer can

Putting your router near any wireless device such as your Bluetooth speaker, etc. can hinder the connectivity. If it is impossible to do this, buy a dual router brand. Also, put your router in an empty beer can. This serves as an antenna that helps to eliminate the signal from other devices. Just cut the top and bottom of the beer can so that it becomes a sheet of metal. Wrap it around your router and leave the front uncovered.

Reboot your router and use a strong password

Rebooting your router is a sure way to speed up its internet speed but doing this manually almost every time can be tiring. As such, you should set your router to automatic reboot, either once a day or week. Additionally, use a strong password for your broadband network. It helps to speed up the internet as well as offer maximum security. Take note that the more the devices connected to the router, the slower it becomes.

Use antivirus software and secure your browser

Malware can cause glitches in your internet connection if downloaded in your computer, install antivirus software to guard against malware and protect sensitive information. For instance, cybercriminals can hijack your bank account information and use it against you. Secure your browser as well. Viruses infiltrate your computer through your browser, so you must protect it.

Delete your internet history and use Ethernet

Having an extensive internet history filled with all sorts can lead to a poor internet connection. Go to your browser and clear your internet history. If you don’t want to clear all, you can select which data to clear and which to keep. Ensure you don’t save your passwords in your browser. Also, use an Ethernet instead of WiFi. Wifi is very common and it can get overwhelming with the number of messages people send. You can stand apart in a world where almost everyone is using a wireless device. Ethernet has a faster internet connection and doesn’t have the same issue, unlike wifi bandwidths that clog up easily. You can also switch to 5G network.