How To Prevent Cart Abandonment With Omnichannel Messaging and Text Marketing


Customers often find the right product, add it to their cart, and then change their minds or move away from the page. Understanding why customers abandon carts and how to make them return could earn an e-commerce business big dollars. If an enterprise is open to the ideas of conversational messaging, text marketing, omnichannel messaging, and full SMS campaigns, it will be easier for the company to understand cart abandonment and reengage the customer for future transactions.

Clients also need to understand the terms of any promotions a site offers. Take a website selling perfumes that discounts all regularly priced items by 50%. A potential customer clicks on the site’s Facebook ad, heads to the website, finds their ideal lavender-scented perfume, their favorite and adds it to their cart. Then, the client learns that the item is already on sale, so the 50% discount doesn’t apply. Plus, since they’re only buying one item, they have to pay for shipping.

Frustrated that their preferred item doesn’t get the advertised discount, they abandon the cart by clicking away from the website.

The conversation should continue in the era of omnichannel messaging and Mitto.

How To Lure the Customer Back to the Cart

An enterprise can follow up with a customer to reengage. If they’ve opted into text marketing and the business is using an omnichannel messaging software solution like Mitto, it can easily spot the cart abandonment and follow up with a text. With this text message, the company can begin conversational messaging and ask the client why they didn’t follow through with the purchase.

In addition to assisting the customer and getting them the product they were looking for at the price they wanted, the business gets valuable feedback about what might need to be improved in its sales process. Thanks to conversational messaging, the firm can apply this data to future marketing campaigns.

Personalized Customer Service

Using software like Mitto, a business can also collect a list of people who have abandoned their carts in the past week. Assuming they’ve already opted in to text messaging, the company can send a series of SMS campaigns luring them back to the site with coupons and offers. Pro platforms like Mitto allow a firm to personalize the text further, using the client’s name and sending them the offer.

SMS campaigns aren’t limited to cart abandonment. A business can also send texts and offers on the customer’s birthday, at a set period of time since their last purchase, and more.

Real-Time Engagement

A business can encourage customers to continue their cart closure by speaking with them in real time via conversational messaging. While browsing, a chat pop-up could appear, offering a chat in case they need help or have a question about the products or services on your site. Instead of abandoning the cart, the customer with the lavender perfume might have instead asked about the 50% off and allowed the customer service agent to offer a solution.

There may be a new lavender perfume that qualifies for the sale, or the customer service agent can provide free shipping to ensure the customer still makes the purchase. Conversational messaging with platforms like Mitto are ideal for addressing customer service issues before they become problems that prevent purchases. Additionally, the engaged customer might remember the omnichannel messaging or text marketing SMS campaigns they’ve received, positively perceiving your brand.

Improved Checkout Process

Many customers face hangups during the checkout process. They may have a technical issue, like their PayPal checkout pop-up isn’t appearing because they have an ad blocker enabled on the site, or their discount code isn’t working. Conversational messaging at this point in the buying process can address those problems immediately. After the message is received, the omnichannel messaging strategy can then ensure the checkout button appears so the sale can be completed.