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How to see the contact status in WhatsApp



We know how to see the contact status in WhatsApp, to be aware of who is going on, so let’s get started.

If you want updated messages with up-to-date information about your leisure, location, thoughts, and intentions to be visible to certain people in the contact list in WhatsApp, it’s important to observe one basic rule: you must have their numbers on your phone in the address book, and they should you.

How to watch statuses?

To view news, photos, and other things from friends, go to the Status section and click on the person you are interested in. If your tab is empty, then none of your friends have used this feature at the moment.

If you want to comment on something while watching, feel free to click on “Reply” at the bottom of the screen.

If you are interested in this feature, we will gladly tell you how to set the status on your profile.

Many users of the messenger are still concerned about the question: “Is it clear who watched the status in WhatsApp?”

Officially, such a function is not provided, since the developers oppose such options that are potentially dangerous for your personal life. You can only see the number of views:

Third-party utilities are provided for viewing guests (such as “Who watched me” for Android). Still, no one can guarantee you that your curiosity will not be punished by completely exposing or breaking into your account.

Also, by the way, do not forget that there is also a test version of the statuses. There can be standard types like Available, Busy, or the well-known “Hey i am using WhatsApp,” or other statements invented or selected by subscribers of your list.

Remember privacy

Think about it, is it so essential for you too, “who watched my WhatsApp status“? After all, a person who wants to communicate with you will not make himself a spy and secretly lookout for your public statements. He will write first or comment on something. And if you have a secret admirer or admirer – why will you put him/her in an awkward position with your excessive curiosity.

Please be patient – a secret visitor will prove himself sooner or later and will probably surprise you pleasantly! Good luck

Why the contact status is not visible in WhatsApp: let’s figure it out together.

In this article, we will explain why the contact status in WhatsApp can be invisible and how to fix it. Usually, when you enter the messenger, you can easily find out who is online (“online”) and who is not (“was at such and such a time”).

If a person says “online” – this means that he has launched WhatsApp on his gadget, which is in the foreground, and the device itself has an Internet connection. But! It does not guarantee that a friend has read your messages.

“Was” indicates at what time the subscriber used WhatsApp the last time. Thanks to the privacy settings, you can control yourself who sees your status and who doesn’t. There is a nuance – to hide your state of “online” or “prints” you will not succeed; this is the idea of the authors. But there are third-party programs of the type, for example, Hide Status, which will hide you.

Therefore, if you do not see this information at your contact, then this person has done one of the following:

  • Your interlocutor set in the privacy settings: “Nobody.”
  • you set up such a setting (in this case, information about your interlocutors will also be unavailable to you – everything is fair).
  • if it’s about privacy status (specifically about the new function of disappearing statuses in, then your “friend” could exclude you from the list, who can see it.
  •   Another option is that you haven’t saved it in the phone book, and in the privacy settings, he has selected “My contacts”.
  • Or this person intentionally hid this information and installed an application like hiding Status.
  • Oops, or you just added to the blacklist.

Therefore, if you are trying to figure out how to see the status in WhatsApp, you need to eliminate one of the listed reasons.

We wish you success!