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How To Start Investing in Alternative Assets

Digital Technology

Investments come in all shapes and sizes. Many investors begin with the basics of stock and gold coin trading. These are great asset classes that offer the retail investor a wonderful classroom to thrive in. However, if you have been trading for a number of years and want to branch out into more lucrative opportunities then the option to add alternative asset classes should be a high priority.

Traders looking to make a splash in the market — and in their portfolio’s cash value — often find a mixture of alternative assets to bring them good fortune over the long term. A balanced asset list is a great way to hedge against market instability while also taking advantage of fast movers that will net you quick and large profits.


Crypto trading has come a long way in the decade since Bitcoin launched with a proof of concept for decentralized asset validation. Over the years, Google Drive has capitalized on this multi-user feature and built the other end of the technology into a staple of business and learning alike.

Cryptocurrencies are fascinating commodities because they gap the void between currency assets and speculative investment options. They operate in much the same way a fiat currency like the Euro or Dollar might in the purchasing arena, however, they also trade like stock assets. This makes cryptocurrencies and the cryptocurrency exchanges that they are trades on a versatile and unique asset class that can vault your overall portfolio value with ease if you do your research.

Looking into a Kraken exchange review in order to compare Kraken with other cryptocurrency exchange spaces — like Coinbase or Binance — is a great way to get your hands on the crucial knowledge that you will need in order to successfully become a trader of Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other crypto assets.

Real Estate

Venterra Realty

The real estate marketplace functions in a similar vein to the cryptocurrency space. These assets are tangible and malleable, yet real estate also works through two separate yet linked mediums. A realtor at Venterra Realty or any local, professional realty firm (like Venterra) can quickly help you evaluate properties that can be leveraged as collateral assets while still earning you rising dividend income through the collection of monthly rent checks from your tenants.

Rental income is a staple of the real estate industry, and it helps landlords pay down their mortgage loans without any additional out-of-pocket costs. As with any investment, real estate carries some risk. For instance, a roofing repair or pipe burst will require you to sink additional capital into the property in order to fix the space and keep your tenants happy, however, the majority of life as a landlord simply requires you to cash each monthly check as it comes in from your renters.

As well, because the market for homes is constantly on a gradual, sloping rise, the longer you hold on to the asset the more rental income, and value you can tap into. Taking advantage of a sale event when you want to purchase a new, more expensive home is a great way to make your money work for you.

Real estate and cryptocurrencies might seem as far apart as one might be able to get, but a balanced portfolio that brings together speculative investment assets with tangible and leverage-added investment property is one that’s built for the long haul. A stable portfolio takes advantage of the many different asset classes available to investors and creates a blend that works for your particular circumstances. Makes sure to do your research and build a portfolio that you can take pride in now.