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Lido Learning as the Way for Doing the Child Cyber Security


During the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, many schools are doing the school from home programs. It means that the teaching-learning process is conducted in the home. The interaction between the children and teachers are connected by using the internet connection. Sometimes, the children get homework that should be done accurately. Some of the homework and assignments are not in the textbooks. Therefore, children are looking for materials on the internet. So, they will get more information about the homework. However, looking for information on the internet has some risks for children’s safety. It is caused by some cybercrimes that may attack the children. Therefore, the parents should pay attention to this condition so that the children will not get trapped in the cybercrime. Some children are having a good understanding of choosing safe websites for them. However, some children may get curious about things on the internet. Well, in this condition they may access some harmful websites unintentionally. The harmful website can influence the physiology of the children. They may follow the information on those websites. If the parents don’t do anything about it, it can cause some problems.

Using Cyber Security to Protect the Children

As mentioned previously that accessing the internet can give some benefits and drawbacks for the children. They can get some information related to the subject of their schools. However, the children may access dangerous content that can give a bad influence on their thinking. Well, in this case, the parents can set the limitation of internet access so that the children will only access the safe website. This is called as the child cyber security. It means that there will be a security system on internet access to ensure that the children will only access the safe website. Well, child cyber security was not famous several years ago. However, since the increase in internet access to the children, the child cyber security is getting well known all over the world. Many people talk about child security since it is important for them.

Learning the Child Cyber Security for Free

Many parents want to set child cyber security for their children. However, not all parents know how to do it. Well, in this case, the parents can learn about it from many resources. The parents can read some articles, books, journals, and others about child cyber security. The parents also can access the online seminar or webinars about child cyber security. Most of the seminars will talk about the explanation of child cyber security, its importance for keeping the children safe, the ways to set the child cyber security, and others. Some webinars require the tickets to join the seminars. It means that the parents need to pay some money to get a ticket for joining the seminars. However, there are some webinars about child cyber security that provides free tickets. It means the parent doesn’t need to pay anything to join the webinar. Commonly, the free webinars will be conducted via Zoom or Live Streaming on YouTube. One of the free seminars can be accessed by using this link This seminar is conducted by some Indian practitioners in education. They are experts in providing the online learning process. So, the children can access the materials for safe. On the other hand, the parents don’t need to worry about the safety of their children for accessing the internet.

Learning in the Safe Condition with Lido

Well, there are many ways for doing child cyber security. One example is joining the online course. The children who join the online course will focus on their learning. In addition, they will only access the website that is related to their subjects. So, they have no chance to access any harmful website. In this case, the parents can choose the online course provider that is eligible and professional to conduct the course for children. One of the best online course providers in Lido Learning. There are many programs for Lido. The programs are differentiated by some groups based on the class of children and their subjects. The parents can enroll their children to join this online course. Then, there will be some classes that can be selected. Normally, each class is divided into small groups. The purpose of having a small group discussion is to ensure that all children get the best attention from the teacher. In addition, the teacher also can teach each childcare based on the children’s character. Lido also offers the programs of ICSE and CBSE. The parents can choose based on the children’s needs. Some subjects that are taught by the teacher in Lido are Mathematics, Science, English, and Coding. The parents can choose which subject that should be learned by the children.

This post was published on 18/09/2020

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