Latest Update:
26th/11/2017 7:00 PM GMT

We have successfully completed 96% of the migration. The following tasks has been successful completed:

  • check
    Rank Calculation
  • check
    Total Downline Counts
  • check
    Latest Carry Forward Volume
  • check
    Total Commission Earned History
  • check
    Restored User Accounts Missing Packages
  • check
    Users With Invalid Emails (Failed Migration) Are Now Fixed
  • check
    Hash Power Accumulation
  • check
    Provide Options To Chose Between Ether & BTC To Users With Invalid Crypto-Currency Type
  • check
    Ether & BTC Hashpower Mismatch

Dear valued members,

 We trust that this email finds you well. We thrive on always improving the service we provide to you and we hope you like the new improved OMNIA back office and the added features. We are very humbled by your patience so far and will once again call on this virtue as we will be taking the site offline from Friday 24th of November 2017 6.00 AM GMT to complete the final data migration, updates, security tests and migration of our payment system along with fixing a few bugs that have come to light today from our dedicated members feedback. We expect the site to be fully functional from Monday night.

Our team have been burning the midnight oil continuously and our new back office now offers :

- High level security with 2 factor authentication
- New system infrastructure with the ability to handle exponential growth of members into the millions
- Ability to make millions of API calls
- Continuous connection to the Blockchain API to verify your e-wallet address and mining payouts with clear visibility on the latter from your dashboard
- 100% accurate bonus calculations with real time crypto exchange
- A well presented dashboard with a better visibility over your organisation
- User friendliness with many added features

In light of the above and the upcoming festive season, along with the 'EXTRA HASH POWER' bonanza, we have decided to reward our members with a full month extension for the ranks advancement. We will combine November and December as a one month rank cycle, making up for any loss time and extending your opportunity to achieve the higher rewards.

We kindly thank each and everyone of you for your patience, support, hard work and dedication. We look forward to our continuous service improvement with your best interest in mind.

Assuring you of our best services at all

Kindest Regards
Team Omnia



Why can’t I login to the new back office?

For security purpose we have reset your password. In order to re-gain access to your existing account, please click on “Previous system user” under the login form or simply click on the link we have provided via email.  

In addition to that please check the email you have registered your account with in the old back office. Also check your spam folder.  You will have to repeat this process should you own multiple accounts.



Why is my sales volume missing from my down-line?

This is because 5% of the migration volume still need to be migrated. Don’t worry! This will be completed in the next few days.



My rank status is missing or what is the current rank I have been promoted on the new back office?

As soon as we finalise the correct sales volume, we will update your rank status and you should be able to see your rank status.



On my dashboard the system is not showing my entire network down-line?

For the time being we are only showing down-line members with active packages and excluding all the free users. Do not worry all the free accounts will be counted on your down-line once we have finalised rest of the migrated data.



Why can I not signup new members or upgrade my package?

We have purposefully disabled this feature until the last 5% of the migration is complete. This will be completed in the next few days (but latest end of the week) and you will be able to sign up new members.



How can I request commission pay-outs that I have made in the old back office?

Please request all your commissions you made in the old back office by logging into the old back office (https://www.backoffice.omnia-tech.eu). Once you have requested the commissions please make sure to input your commission wallet address in the new back office and we will pay out on the wallet address you have provided.



I was told about the that new packages receive more hash power up to 12.5%. What is the percentage on each package?

You will get an increased promotion hash power if you buy a new package or upgrade your existing package as following:

$500 + 2% $1,000 + 3% $3,000 + 4% $5,000 + 5.5% $8,500 + 7% $15,000 + 9% $25,000 +12.5%



Where can I see the daily mining results in the new back office?

You will be able to see the payout results under mining payout history. However, this is the lite version of the system as promoted in our road-map and the current version of the back office will only show mining payout that is accumulated and results are shown once you have received the mining pay-out on your wallet. However our IT team is working intense to integrate that function into the new back office approx mid of December (you will receive an announcement of the exact date as we progress further).



Why did I not receive my last mining payout?

First of all, don’t worry, because all mining results are recorded! It can happen that once a while you will not receive a payout or the payouts are paused during the weekend. The mining results will then be accumulated and paid out the next day combined.



I reached a certain rank in the old back office, now I fell a position back. Why did this happen?

Since the old back office had a lot of programming mistakes, it also calculated some ranks incorrectly. Your rank shown in the new back office is the rank you genuinely qualified for. You will keep this position now for ever.



I qualified for an incentive with my current rank. When will I receive it?

We will inform you via newsletters very soon.



We currently can mine only Bitcoin and Ethereum. When will the company offer other coins?

We have couple of Altcoins in mind and we will be making the announcement by mid of December 2017.


For customer support please log a support ticket via support@omnia-tech.eu 

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