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The World’s Best Online Proofreader Tools


In today’s detailed guide, we are going to tell you about the world’s best online proofreader tools that you can find in 2020. You should know that proofreading and editing documents are very important before you publish or submit them with the senior authorities, but you should know that people usually avoid them because proofreading can take a lot of time and effort. Now the world has changed, and today you can check your documents within less than seconds if you have the right tools in your pocket. For those of you who want to enhance the quality of their work after proofreading it, you are free to read this resource as all of these proofreading tools is for you!

Best online proofreader/plagiarism checker tools for 2020!

If you are thinking that why can’t you get proofreaders by searching them directly on the browser, then know that you can surely get hundreds of free and paid programs for editing and checking, but in this way, you would only get confused in which tool you should use and which you should leave. Furthermore, you must know that not all of the services on the web are free of cost and reliable to use. You have to simply select the tools that can provide you with 100% accurate results and services. Below we have gathered some tools for you guys that would help you in checking your work for all kinds of errors including plagiarism!

The plagiarism detector is a very reputed website and as the name tells us this is famous because it can provide your services for checking your work for all kinds of duplication. The biggest problem that exists in the world of content today is duplication and the reason that experts recommend that you proofread your work before the submission is so that you can remove plagiarism. Today plagiarism exists in more than one type, and accidental plagiarism has become very common because of the excessive amount of content over the internet these days.

To save yourself from the accusation of accidental plagiarism, you have to make sure that you have a plagiarism checker with complete reliability in your hands that can proofread your work in seconds with accuracy. The can easily help you check plagiarism of an unlimited number of files in a single day without any restrictions. You can also check your content for grammar errors with the help of this similarity checker. The use of the tool is also very easy and simple, and if you have never used it, then don’t worry the interface of the tool will teach you all!

  • You can check plagiarism in different formats of files and also in small portions of the content.
  • You can check duplication via URL with this online plagiarism checker tool.
  • You can grab content from online sources like dropbox and google drive as well!


At the current moment, Grammarly is known to be the best tool that can help you remove human errors from your content all across the globe. You should know that this is actually a website tool that can also be downloaded on your desktop or mobile devices. Now, this online-based writing/proofreading tool can not only identify your mistakes but can also help you in the simple explanation of each and every mistake that you have made in the content. You should know that these explanations are a big plus/advantage for the people who are not an expert in English language nor are the natives of it.

You can simply learn what you should avoid in your next essay and what improvements you can make. You can also remove errors that are found by this online tool if you click on each one of them. Grammarly also provides plagiarism checking and proofreading services, but you have to pay for them as they come in the premium package!

Polish My Writing

This is yet another proofreader tool of good repute that you can find on the web on any of your devices. You should know that this online proofreader is famous because it can check contextual spelling errors in your content, you can also check the presentation and advanced style in your writing with this tool, the tool also uses artificial intelligence to check your work for grammar errors and expressions. The natural processing technology of the tool helps you in the simple detection and then removal of your mistakes.

The proofreader will provide you with the best suggestions to solve and remove the errors to improve the quality of the content. We want you to know that this tool doesn’t have a plagiarism checker feature in it so if you want to check plagiarism, then you have to hook up with the next tool in our list!