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With the increase in digital technology, mobile applications are taking over the world. Every day a lot of mobile app development companies are developing different apps and are increasing their revenue.

Now suppose you want to develop an application and you have the best idea, now you want to turn these ideas into reality. You will hire any mobile app development company, let say DBX Dubai, they will help you in creating your app according to your demands. Now after the app launching, you get 1000 users and with time, the number of users increased. But after a few years, your app ranking starts decreasing and people start uninstalling your app. Now think what the reason for this will be.

Due to millions of users, your app stops working as smoothly as it was at the time of the new launch. At this point scalability of apps matters the most. If you add a lot of new features to attract users without thinking about scalability then your app will soon be of no use. Let’s discuss it in detail.



In simple words, scalability is the ability of a system to bear the load of a system and run smoothly even the number of users increases up to 1 million. Scalable apps have abilities to store large user’s data, can handle higher requests rate, and can operate properly even under the heavy traffic automatically.


Before describing how to scale an app, let’s discuss shortly what kind of attributes scalable application holds.

They have the ability to work significantly even under the stress. And can work at the same speed for user satisfaction.

They can handle millions of users without getting down.

No matter how many users increase, the scalable apps will be able to secure users’ data and can provide users with their desired data whenever they want.


Taking about ways of scaling, we fall into two categories: vertical scaling and horizontal scaling.

Many app development companies are using one of these approaches to scale up either in their existing apps or in developing a new application by using these techniques.


Vertical scaling means adding more resources to an existing app. Resources include adding processing power, memory, optimizing the algorithm, and application mode. It is also known as scaling up. This mode of scaling is largely used in middle-sized applications. In vertical scaling, all the data resides on a single node.


Horizontal scaling means adding more machines into your puddle of resources. In simple words adding more units of smaller capacity than adding a single larger capacity unit. It is also known as scaling down. In this type of scaling each node contains a single part of data.

If you are stuck in any problem like how to scale up and down your app then you can visit any mobile app development company that can help you in this regard.