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Seven Quick Important Tips for Buying Children’s Clothes


It might be challenging to locate premature infant-specific clothing. Premature infants require special consideration while shopping for clothing. However, not all cheap stores or department stores carry newborn preemie clothing. Premature infant clothing is widely available on the internet. Premature infants can now have their clothing choices simplified.

When Should a Newborn be Dressed?

How early the infant is born is a factor. The skin of micro preemies (born at less than 1 kg or before 26 weeks of pregnancy) is extremely fragile. Therefore, it takes them weeks to develop to the point where they can put on clothing.

Preemie clothes have unique needs that can only be met by following these 7 guidelines.

  1. Ensure that the baby’s clothing allows you to reach all of their body parts easily.

Usually, a nurse in the NICU (Newborn Intensive Care Unit) may dress a preterm infant in a diaper and a cap so that the NICU staff can easily access the baby’s vitals. If a baby is born prematurely, it’s best to dress them in garments that can be opened in other ways besides the front. Easy access to wires and tubes is provided; the infant may wear and remove the clothing without upsetting the tubes.

  1. Clothing that can be washed in a machine should be your second choice

When shopping for a premature baby, it’s best to stick with machine-washable clothing. This is because you should wash the baby’s garments at a high temperature to kill any germs that may be present before putting them on the infant again. High-temperature washes are effective in removing dirt and other contaminants from fabric.

A detergent designed for washing infant garments is also recommended. The premature infant’s clothing can be washed in hypoallergenic detergents that do not include dyes or perfumes. Maintain a smoke-free atmosphere while the garments are in storage.

  1. Premature infants do not require a large wardrobe

Premature babies develop rapidly. Since they were given supplemental food and attention, they have thrived. As a result, it is not a good idea to keep an excessive number of gowns in store for them. Instead, stock up on the bare essentials of clothing for the infant to get through this time.

  1. Clothes for preterm infants should meet their most necessities.

What kind of preemie clothes a baby can wear depends on various criteria, such as the baby’s size, health, the medical equipment the infant requires, and so on. There is no longer any need to tailor amenities to the NICU once the premature babies have been brought home.

However, it would help if you didn’t go too far from purchasing high-quality garments designed with premature babies in mind in terms of size and fit. The key to shopping for preterm infants’ clothing is ensuring that you meet their most fundamental needs.

  1. Buy clothes that are comfortable

According to the NICU staff, premature infants can be dressed in age-appropriate clothing after they begin to gain weight and lengthen their limbs. Ensure your infant is content while wearing it, and never sacrifice quality for comfort. Wearing oversized garments is discouraged.

  1. Swaddles (a common method of soothing an infant to sleep is to cover them in a thin, airy blanket)

Premature newborns like being swaddled just as much as full-term infants. Over stimulated premature infants benefit from swaddling, many newborn intensive care unit workers recommend swaddling to help premature infants feel safe (as in the womb).

  1. Purchase clothing for preterm infants with caution, especially regarding sizing

Knowing the sizing standards for preterm infants is essential when shopping for clothing. Unfortunately, not all premature labels are created equal.

Finding clothing in the proper size for preterm infants might be challenging. Paying attention to even the smallest differences in preemie clothes sizes is essential since even a few millimeters can make a significant impact. Furthermore, preemie clothing sizes might differ depending on the manufacturer.


When the infant reaches roughly 1.5 kg in weight, you may dress them in various items. All sorts of gowns, and sleeping bags fall under this category. Once your infant reaches 2.5 kg, you’ll have even more alternatives.

At that point, they will be considered a premature or low birth weight infant. When your baby reaches the 3 kilogram mark, you may start with adorable designer outfits for your baby.

This post was published on 01/10/2022

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