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Things You Need To Know About Child Support


Well, you may know that a divorce can affect all aspects. Divorce can affect the lives of parents and children. However, the children’s life is something that should be prioritized first since they are the real victims of the divorce. In order to make sure that the children’s life is guaranteed for their future, the government set a rule. The purpose of this rule is to order the parents to be responsible for their children’s life. In some states, this rule is known as child support.

What is Child Support?

Generally, child support is the responsibility of the ordered parent to pay for the child’s life’s cost. It means that the parent should pay for the periodic payment which is used for the benefit of the child. On the other hand, child support can be ordered for the custodial parent or non-custodial parent. Therefore, the discussion of child support is an important thing. In addition, every state has its different rules about child support. For example, child support in Oklahoma is different from other states. So, you need to understand the rules of child support.

The Rules of Child Support

As mentioned previously, the rule of child support in every state is different. If you live in Oklahoma, then you need to understand the rules there. The government of Oklahoma set the rules for the minimum amount of child support. The amount of child support can be determined by the income of the parents. However, the income that is used in the child support calculation is the gross income. It includes actual income in a month for 40-hour weeks and the minimum wage paid in the same position of job, education, and others. Meanwhile, the self-employed parents can calculate the gross income by reducing the gross receipt with the cost of business operation. After calculating the gross income, the Oklahoma government uses the income shared method to calculate the exact amount of child support. What is the income shared method? Simply, the court in Oklahoma will use the table of the estimated cost of the children’s life. Then, the non-custodial parent should pay the cost of child support based on the decided percentage. The non-custodial parents can pay the custodial parents. On the other hand, both custodial and non-custodial parents also need to pay for the extraordinary medical expenses of the children.

Child Support

The Violation’s Consequences of Child Support

The child support rules have been settled by the court in Oklahoma. However, there are some violations of the rules. The violations of the child support rules can cause some consequences such as the withholding of income, the interception of tax returns, the disruption of your lien’s property, the suspension of the license, the suspension of passport, and the call of court, and sentence in jail. Considering these consequences, it will be better for you to consult with the lawyer or attorney first. The attorneys will help you how to handle the situation and avoid the violation of the child support rules.