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Ultimate Guide to Hiring the Best Digital Marketing Service Provider


Marketing has only one goal: to figure out what is catching the target market’s attention and create content for these. It used to be this way when attention was focused on newspapers, radio, and other offline platforms. Businesses used to advertise on these platforms to get in front of the right audience. Now, things are different and got more complicated because people’s attention is spread out on a variety of platforms.

Whether you are a small or big business, you need to have a significant online presence. Many marketing tactics are popping up every day, and it can be challenging as entrepreneurs to keep up with the trends and figure out what is the best way to use a platform. It is impossible to be an expert in all areas of digital marketing.

What you need is a digital agency Bangkok to help your business. Having an expert who will handle the aspects of your marketing will allow you to focus on other areas of your business. It is also more efficient rather than hiring and training an in-house marketer to do the job.

In this article, we are presenting the ultimate guide to hiring the best digital marketing service provider. It will help you select the best agency to handle your digital marketing.


1.The agency’s number of years in the business

It is vital to consider how long the digital agency Bangkok has been in the business because that means they have experience in handling many case studies and have helped a lot of companies before. There are plenty of agencies coming up, and a lot of them are neophytes in this industry. If you are hiring an agency, you should consider the background and experience of the key staff too, and how they use these experiences to help your business.

2.Location of the agency

Many do not consider location as a vital factor in choosing the right marketing agency, but it is. You have to meet face to face with the person who will be handling your campaign, so their proximity to your office matters. Another reason why you need to consider the location is for local campaigns. You need an agency that understands the local community.

3.Client Base

Another factor to consider is the client base of the agency. Although big clients are a great commodity, you should not discount the little ones too. A digital marketing agency has much control and freedom over smaller clients. It can be a good idea to take a look at what they have done and the results. When looking at the client base, check the clients they had if it is related to your business. Although it is not a requirement, it will be favorable if the agency has a good understanding of your industry and the marketplace.

4.Quality of Work and Proven Results

Choose an agency that has delivered high-quality, varied work in the past with positive results. An agency would redesign your website and it may look great, but it may not deliver the results you are after, then the strategy might not work. Other agencies may have produced great content, but if there are low share rates, it will not make an impact. What you need to look deeper into is the company’s strategy.

5.Approach & Attitude of the Staff

Before buying something, you would normally check the brand and what it stands for before purchasing it. Well, you can apply the same rule when selecting an agency. Take a look at the agency’s website, does the content appeal to you? When you talk to their staff, are they friendly and accommodating? You will be employing these people to represent your brand. You should be able to relate to them and should have confidence that they can represent your brand effectively.


You cannot expect digital agencies to divulge their strategies fully because that is their trade secret. However, a good agency will not hesitate to share with you their techniques, especially related to your business. Check if their techniques are up to date, and they are the best practice.

7.Variety of Services

Consider the range of services that the agency offers and whether these services fit your needs. When looking at their services, it is important that you also know how long they are offering these services. If they are new to this type of service, they might not have the strategies and processes set up, and that means your business could be their guinea pig.


Price is another factor in selecting the best digital marketing in Thailand. Aside from the amount of the service, you should also check how the billings and payments work. When it comes to pricing, you should check if the agency is flexible and how they justify their price.


We have enumerated the eight factors that you should think about when choosing the digital marketing agency for your business. Remember, the best agency would spend time getting to know you and your business before creating a bespoke solution to your digital marketing needs.